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HB Series

Horizontal Machining Center

High rigidity structure! Realize the high efficiency in heavy-duty machining.


High rigidity structure

  • Column with dual-layer wall structure design

  • Three axes adopt high rigidity roller guideway

  • Through the finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure the machine structure to qualify the features of high dynamic rigidity and stability in high speed


HB-500II:0.7/0.7/0.7 G

HB-630II:0.36/0.7/0.7 G

HB-800II:0.4/0.6/0.4 G

structure_工作區域 1.png

Max. workpiece size

HB-500II:Ø900×H900 mm

HB-630II:Ø1100×H1100 mm

HB-800II:Ø1300×H1250 mm

work area_工作區域 1.png

B-axis rotary pallet

High precision positioning cones with hydraulic locking unit, generates 18 tons of clamping force to ensure the table stability during machining.

Bspec EN.JPG

Full-circumference hydraulic braking system (for NC 0.001° indexing)

The full-circumference hydraulic braking system uses the oil pressure to lock the entire disc synchronously. Because of its large locking area, it has high rigidity and can withstand heavy cutting.

B_工作區域 1.jpg
spindle_工作區域 1.jpg

Bulit-in spindle

Ø100 mm ceramic bearing are aligned in 10,000 rpm standard built-in spindle in HB series. Chilled cooling fluid is recirculated through the spindle cartridge and compressed air is led into the motor for cooling. It generates 420 N m torque at 500 rpm, especially suitable for the heavy duty cutting in cast iron or steel materials.

Max. spindle speed : 10000 rpm

Spindle motor power : 30/25 kW

Output torque :  420/350/238 N m (25% ED/10 min./Cont.)

High torque spindle with gear box (HB-630II/HB-800II)

Adopts high quality gears for high transmission
efficiency. The two-step gear box can generate
more than 1,000 N m torque at 200 rpm, especially
suitable for tough materials and large parts.

Max. spindle speed : 6,000 rpm
Spindle motor power : 22/18.5 kW
Output torque : 1,050/883 N m
(30 min. S3, 60%/Cont.)

spindle-gear_工作區域 1.png
cts_工作區域 1.png

Coolant through spindle (C.T.S.)

C.T.S. system increases the efficiency of chip removal and extends the tool life by cooling its cutting point.

Discharge pressure: 20/40/70 bar (2.0/4.0/7.0 MPa)

Filtering accuracy: 40 μm

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Automatic pallet changer (APC)

The latest APC hydraulic driving unit improves dynamic rigidity and optimizes the PLC settings. Under the situation of maximum loading in both sides, the exchanging time is decreased dramatically.

atc_工作區域 1.jpg

Automatic tool changer (ATC)

Equipped with Japanese made cam type ATC.


Hydraulic and pneumatic supply for jig & fixture (optional)

Use quick couplet to connect with the pallet and the hydraulic oil is supplied under the pallet. Once pallet changes, the quick couplet will separate. It solves the problem of twisted pipes and benefits B axis rotation.

oil_工作區域 1.jpg

Rearward type chip conveyor

According to different materials and chip size, Tongtai provides various chip conveyors for the best chip disposal.

User-friendly Operation

Easy to process visual management and daily maintenance

toolmagazine_工作區域 1.jpg
check_工作區域 1.jpg

Flexible manufacturing

​PPL or FMS is allowed to work with this machine model for flexible manufacturing 


Made in Taiwan

Establised in 1969 and was listed on stock since 2003 in Taiwan. Tongtai locates in Kaohsiung and our business was started from special purpose machine manufacturing. Now, we are a leading machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan and having diverse machine types.

Products include vertical/horizontal machining centers, vertical/horizontal lathes, multi-tasking machining centers, boring & milling lathes, metal additive manufacturing equipment, PCB machine, and laser processing equipment, thus allowing us to provide a one-stop solution for any requirement. We are very experienced and capable of turnkey solutions and whole plant exports. Everything from the initial machine planning to the final machine processing can be designed and executed by Tongtai, where the customer only needs to check and accept to begin mass production.

Global Network

Tongtai has 3 manufacturing factories, 20+  branches, and 60+ agents in globe. With this network, we are able to provide rapid and professional services to our worldwide customers.


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​Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd.

Headquarters : No.3, Luke 3rd RD.,Luzhu Dist.,Kaohsiung City 82151, Taiwan

TEL : +886-7-976-1588 | FAX : +886-7-976-1589


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