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VP Series

​Vertical Machining Center


VP Series

​Vertical Machining Center


Controllers are available for FANUC / SIEMENS


High rigidity structure

  • Double-wall and symmetrical structure design are used on the motion column to improve structural rigidity and reduce accuracy errors caused by thermal distortion.

  • Honeycomb structure of motion column helps to reduce weight by 25% and improve rigidity by 20%.

  • Machine bed adopts three-point support structure, which ensures stable machine installation and facilitates operators to adjust the machine.


SH-4000(P):1 G

SH-4500(P):0.8/1/1 G

SH-5000(P):0.8/1/1 G

Rapid traverse

60/60/60 m/min

structure_工作區域 1.png

Max. workpiece size

SH-4000(P):Ø550×H800 mm

SH-4500(P):Ø630×H900 mm

SH-5000(P):Ø800×H1000 mm

work area_工作區域 1.png

B axis rotary pallet

Because B axis rotary pallet is driven by roller gear cam with rolling contact between roller and cam, it can start at a lower torque. It is suitable for high speed rotation and high accuracy is guaranteed under long-term heavy duty cutting.

High precision positioning cones with hydraulic locking device, generating 4.2 tons of clamping force to ensure the table stability during machining.


Zero backlash

High positioning accuracy

Low abrasion

Higher durability

Automatic Pallet Changer (APC)

Based on the considerations of cycle time and labor costs, APC is available for you.


Cam type device driven by electric motor is used on APC system. It has the advantages of quick pallet changing, less noise, and stable working since isn’t influenced by oil temperature.



SH-4000 series is developed for machining aluminum alloy parts. For providing excellent machining performance in aluminum alloy part, the machine is equipped with 15,000 rpm built-in spindle which has 18.5/26/37 kW power and 95/171/250 Nm torque output.

Coolant through spindle

C.T.S. system increases the efficiency of chip disposal and extends the tool life by cooling the cutting point.

Discharge pressure:20/50/70 bar
Filtering accuracy:40 μm

FV Series 型錄圖-01.png

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Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

Japanese made cam mechanism is used on ATC gear box, which has the features of high stability, high durability, and rapid tool changing. A ring –type magazine (40 tools) is equipped to offer high speed indexing. Tool moving time of next adjacent tool is 2.82 sec.


Rearward type chip conveyor

Standard equipped integrated type (chain type plus drum type) chip conveyor, it has outstanding chip disposal efficiency for different materials and chip size.

flush_工作區域 1.jpg

Chip disposal

Widely slanted sheet metal with central chip disposal device allows chips efficient removing efficiently.

Hydraulic and pneumatic supply for jig & fixture (Opt.)

oil2_工作區域 1.png
oil3_工作區域 1.png
oil_工作區域 1.png

User-friendly Operation

Easy to process visual management and daily maintenance


Compact design

Narrowly frontal machine structure design benefits for mass production line arrangement.

size_工作區域 1.png

Cutting Demonstration
Impressive high speed and stable machining performance


Made in Taiwan

Established in 1969 and was listed on stock since 2003 in Taiwan. Tongtai locates in Kaohsiung and our business was started from special purpose machine manufacturing. Now, we are a leading machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan and having diverse machine types.

Products include vertical/horizontal machining centers, vertical/horizontal lathes, multi-tasking machining centers, boring & milling lathes, metal additive manufacturing equipment, PCB machine, and laser processing equipment, thus allowing us to provide a one-stop solution for any requirement. We are very experienced and capable of turnkey solutions and whole plant exports. Everything from the initial machine planning to the final machine processing can be designed and executed by Tongtai, where the customer only needs to check and accept to begin mass production.

Global Network

Tongtai has 3 manufacturing factories, 20+  branches, and 60+ agents in globe. With this network, we are able to provide rapid and professional services to our worldwide customers.


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